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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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how to be anonymous on the internet next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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what she w ved her. . this is kpix 5 news. a nurse viciously attacked by a prisoner at a bay area hospital. what she was wearing that safe saved hef. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. ken bastida has the night off. joe vasquez tells us the problem at napa state hospital has
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gotten so bad, workers actually have to carry their own alarms. joe. >> liz, you may remember a staffer was murdered three years ago, and since that time, staffers are required to wear these special lanyards that work like this, you give it a sharp tug then it immediately alerts your colleagues who you are and where you are in the hospital. they can come rushing to your rescue. that's apparently what happened here in napa yesterday. >> it happened inside one of the buildings at napa state hospital. according to a stapt hospital spokesman, as the registered nurse was getting assaulted by a male patient, she immediately called for help through the use of an electronic device like this one attached to her name tag. fellow staff members came running to her rescue, and the suspect was quickly arrested. state hospital officials say they can't elaborate on the details of the assault, and they say they're not arowed to give the suspect's name but kpix 5 learned 38-year-old kevin long is in the napa county jail tonight and he is the only one
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who was arrested by napa state hospital police yesterday. he's charged with false imprisonment, rape and attempted rape among other charges. according to state prison records, we found out he's the same kevin long who was ayersed in modesto last september for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl one day after he was released from prison for another sexual crime. >> e seen a guy. he's, lack of a better word, a pervert. >> modesto police say the girl was on the bus on her way to school when long attacked her. >> my other friend was on the bus, and he said that -- on the same bus he got off of. he said the guy got on the bus, and the girl was sitting down and he just grabbed all her privates. >> now, while kevin long awaits justice, the nurse we're told was seeking medical treatment. she was treated by the staff at the state hospital, liz, and then she went to another hospital to see even more doctors. >> yeah, joe, it seems shocking given this guy's history that he would be allowed to be alone
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with anybody just one on one, much less a female. >> yeah. we doebt know all the details about that. remember the state hospital is where they send criminals who have psychiatric issues, and i'm sure they have various protocols to, you know, make sure it's safe in there. we're not sure why he had that chance to attack the nurse. we'll have to find out through investigation. >> thank goodness she had that alert system. >> absolutely. >> all right, joe, thank you. police in vallejo tell us a drive-by shooting looks like a case of street justice. gun menino shot into a home on frizz bee street around 6:00 tonight. a woman inside was killed. two others were hurt. detectives think this is a gang retaliation for a fatal shooting at a birthday party this weekend. the guy who's been leaking all the secrets about government spying says more information will be released soon. edward snowden defended his decision to go public in an online chat today with the guardian newspaper. the former nsa contractor
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wrote, "the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped." in an interview with fox news, his dad lonny begged his son to stop. >> i believe firmly that you are a -- a man of principle. i believe in your character. i don't know what you've seen, but i just ask that you measure what you're gonna do and not release anymore information. >> snowden, who was last seen in hong kong, says he exposed the programs because he believes they violate civil liberties and privacy. if he is found and extradited to the u.s., he faces treason charges. and because of snowden, some web sites are booming. one of them is this one. supposedly if you use this to search something, if feds won't
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know what you're looking for. kpix 5 sharon chen on how some are trying to stay one step ahead of the government's eyes. >> does it bug you that the government can track you oun line. >> if you want to hide this information but still visit the web sites, you can use tore. >> tore is like internet explorer but bounces your request among tor servers around the world and does not track your comings and goings online. nsa leak source edward snowden has the tor symbol on his laptop. micah lee with the electronic frontier foundation says law enforcement, spies, spamers and journalists use tor for privacy. >> if you're at a coffee shop in san francisco and you go visit facebook, facebook knows you're at a cough foe shop in san francisco, but if you visit facebook over tor, facebook won't know that. >> but drr drawbacks. it's slower. you can get blocked from some web sites because they they you're spamers, and flash and
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java are disabled. >> flash and java can be used to circumvent your an any and allty. >> if you're using fire fox and chrome there's software that works with certain web sites. >> your connection to that web site is encrypted so anyone spying on you can tell that you're visiting this web site, but they can't actually tell what you're doing at this web site. >> for searchs, sites like duck duck go and start are gaining popularity about people who don't want to be tracked through google. >> it doesn't log your ip addresses. it doesn't keep track of your search history. >> in the last week duck dick go has been setting new company records at more than 2 and a half million searchs a day. is privacy worth the trouble. >> i feel like the damage is done. my whole life is out there so kind of a lost cause. >> i think i would definitely consider that more, especially with all the privacy issues coming up. >> it's a trade off no matter how you decide. >> not been named on the nsa
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surveillance list, but we don't know for sure if the agency has access to them. after all, lawmakers who have been given more details on the secret program say what the public knows about it is just the tip of the iceberg. liz. >> now, sharon, how does a site like duck duck go make any money. >> really the same way that google does, through asd, but duck duck go gives you ads based on your keyword sos if you type in car, you isle get a car ad. google will give you ads based on your user profile. >> all right. sharon chen, thank you. well, for awhile, day one of the g8 summit luked more like the start of the next cold war. take a look at this. president obama and russian president putin not exactly chum my. who knows why, but it could have something to do with syria. putin supports the government and the u.s. just announced it will send limited military help to support the rebels. speaking of aufk ward moments, the russian president is denying
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he stole a super bowl ring from new england's patriots owner robert craft. this video was taken in st. petersburg back in 2005. putin admired the ring, tried it oun then kept it. a few days later craft says he gave putin the ring as a token of respect but just last week he told a crowd that the bush white house pressured him to say that. >> maybe taking that ring was one of the -- the things that you do without really thinking about it when you're the president of one of the most powerful nations on earth. >> the diamond encrusted ring is worth more than 25 grand. the says if craft wants it back that badly, putin is willing to send him another ring as a gift. coming up, the stinky situation that's giving the a's some extra ammo in their fight to build a new stadium in san jose. and it's hard to believe a place like this even still exists. the end of an era in one bay
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area city. having a bad hair day? why you might be able to blame it on something in your house that you use all the time. pretty good weather day today for much of the bay area, and if you like warm weather, you're going to have to wait a bit. we've got a grade school koun in store as we look for fog on telegraph hill. 61 in santa rosa, and out there at if ferry building, doesn't look bad at you will. here's the forecast. we'll have that after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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surveillance video shows 2 g girls walking up to a 67 . another sfeek attack on muni. surveillance video shows two young girls walk up to a 67-year-old woman on a train in the bayview last tuesday. when the train doors opened, one of the girls hits the victim in the face. the other grabs her bags and phone, and they run off. the victim and the train operator both took off after the theefs but couldn't catch them. if you know who the girls are, san francisco police would like to hear from you.
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well, good thing the a's are playing in texas tonth. it probably smells a whole lot better there. christin airs tells us an old stadium and old pipes. i'll just let her explain. >> the last big spill in the oakland a's clubhouse was a frood of sell bra toir champagne after the team took the al west. this time the locker room is flooded with something else, sewage. fans called it an embarrassment. >> very disappointing. >> it's unfortunate. you know, a lot of times oak langd is viewed in that light, negative light. >> while the a's were baeth out the seattle mariners last nieshths a plumbing blockage caused a flood in the locker room that would force both teams to shower in the raiders locker room. in a sarcasm-laiden tweet, pitcher sean doolittle joked after i checked out the new swimming pool in our locker room, i got to see the raiders
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clubhouse. pretty cool. >> they do deserve better and will get better. >> stake holders met today at the a's hangout francesco's to talk about the ageing coliseum among other things. >> it's 40 plus years old. >> the most recent example of why the a's need a new home. some say outside of oakland. owner lou woul f who has been fighting to move the tome to san jose, it will be oakland tribune. >> the good news is work is already underway to clean up the mess and new carpeting should be installed by the next home game. it will field, however, is built below sea level, and that could mean these plumbing problems could persist. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> now, the problem was so bad when the angels played at the coliseum, they filed a complaint saying they were worried about getting e. coli. remember going to the video
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store where you made your selection from a shelf instead of a screen? that's the problem. most of us only remember it. kiet doe tells us the curt tan is coming down. >> liz, it's been awhile since i i've been inside one of these video stores, and it's a trip down memory lane especially when you run into movies like this. i saw this when i was in kindergarten. in couple of years our kids and grand kids are not even going to know what this is. >> nostalgia is just so analog. >> i have to accept that this is end of the year, you know. >> odon are barely breaking even but the landlord tripled the rent so they're calling it quits after 31 years. thefrp the city's first video rental store, and now they are its last. >> is fl anything that you could have doin to survive? . >> no. we did our best. >> for the ps month there's been a massive going out of business
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sale. for owned, parting with one of his favorite movies like east of'den is hard. >> why are you showing me all this. >> i find it hard to let go of some of it, but we're already doing the transa, you know. i file like hiding. >> e. t. was the top-grossing movie the year it opened for business. it now files like a museum and serves as a reminder of how quickly technology changes. >> oh my god. look at this. a beta max copy of taxi driver. this is the oldest tape in the store. which is what they rended out when they first opened up back in 1982. and remember this, the tricky clam shell cover a few years later came the vhs and then a few years after that came laser disk and then came dvd and blue ray, and then a couple years ago, ode enheard about this
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streaming technology. he wasn't sure if it was going to last. >> we didn't think that streaming would be that successful. they perfected the streaming. >> customer john says he'll take a video store over a computer any day. >> weir cheapening life but all these gadgets. >> and vhs tapes are a dollar. laser disks are two dollars and the dvds are four dollars. their last day of business is on saturday. liz. >> oh, such a shame. is there any chance of an extension, kiet. >> yeah. so the landlord gave thim about 30 days' notice. they've got a lot of stuff in there. they're hoping to get a one-month extension. >> yeah. that'd be nice. all right, kiet, thank you. hackney in for paul tonight. well, there is a silver lining. it's going to be gorgeous outside it sounds like. get outside and enjoy it. >> yeah, yeah, especially if you've been tired of the hot
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weather baitly because things are going to cool down sw temperatures coming down into low 70s inland. a lot of fog and low clouds start out tomorrow morning could be drizzle along the shore line, and san francisco will only hit 61 dprees tomorrow. that's a bit of a switch. market street, very nice. there during the 1906 earthquake and survived with just minimal damage. temperatures right now, concord has 59 degrees. in oakland, 58, livermore, 59, sfo 56 degrees, and san jose at 60, santa rosa at 61. kind of a mild note. it'll kind of trap some of the heat that was generated during the day so the temperatures won't get down as cool as they were last night. fog and drizzle to start the day tomorrow morning so temperatures will cool down. warmup will begin on wednesday. back into the low 90s inland by saturday. that sounds good. all hapg because high pressure that's been offshore gets nudged aside by this low -- actually, the low has been out for awhile.
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but tomorrow the low will kick out to the northeast. as it moves over us, that's where we get drizzle tomorrow morning. the streets could be a little slick. look at all the clouds filling in the shore line tonight. tomorrow morning the trough moves in right there then things pop. we've got sunshine in the afternoon and things will begin to warm up by wednesday. the fog could be a factor tomorrow morning so check with your carrier before lifting off. of course, the morning crew will have any word on delays and the hub check shows los angeles with partly cloudy skies and thunderstorms in new york. let's do it by the pinpoint with temperatures in the 70s down in south bay. east way only low 70s tomorrow. 73 in the antioch. north bay still perfectly pleasant. 67 in petaluma and 68 degrees in novato. in the great northern california area, 78 for uchiah and 76 in lake port. the extended forecast cool it down into low 70s tomorrow inland, just the low 70 ts
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around the baby tomorrow. by the end of the week we're back up in the 90 ts for a weekend. first pull on the parka because tomorrow it eets going to go all te way down to 71 degrees. >> you know it's summer when you need a parka and a scarf. >> i was just kidding. you know what i mean. >> thank you. all right. here's dennis with a look at what's coming up next in sports. >> talk about hot, huh. >> it was fun. >> challenging. >> it's ofrnl five? sorry about that. >> he's still blushing. >> the giants go extra innings. matter of fact, i got a play that is all not believe and 15 runs scored in the decision show down in texas. it's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pitching tonight.. . with sports, baseball up top. >> well, the a's after that disaster at the coliseum, right, it's called get away day, and they were happy to get away. that's the only thing that stunk worse in the coliseum was the a's pitching tonight. nolan ryan's rangers have lost six-straight games coming into play, and it appeared to be
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seven straight when seth smith lines run to right. six runs not inning, like a 6-3 lead after four but dan in the bullpen just got lit up mainly by that man, nelson cruz, two runs shot of jessie chal ver, two runs, bout runs batted in for nelson cruze, and texas takes the lead. the a's have chabs to tie it in the ninth inning. got imto pop out with tie run at second base. rangers went 8 to 7 and cloiz the gap two games behind oakland. paul revere once warned that the red coats were coming. to want in boston, it was the black hawks after playing four extra keerds in the first two yiems. to such overtime tonight. grabs the loose pam, finds the bok of the net, boston wins 2 to 1. they have a 2-the-1 married
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lead. this just in. giants back home, nobody happier. until bran dn bell connects with a brace hit of right field. the game is tied at one. let's take you to the 7th inning. runners at the corner. chats, kristen or field are come to tie it up. it e mains tide at three. the giants had a chance to win the game. juan perez deep to center. will -- yookee there. look at that. elizabeth, that saved the giem for the guy being in senate. the giants would have won it. what a cause. wow sfwlchlt. i have in my hand -- what is tonight? is tonight -- what is tonight? . >> mopd. . yeah, monday. giants center fielder juan comes up throwing chase heavily going for three, he is out at third base. wow. no. 4, this little girl gets a foul ball at the college world
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series game. thts why you got to teach your kids to share. she knocks all other his face sending him in tears. unacceptable. yeah. at no. 3, lids beth. he's not known for his defense but look at this. he's going to create a new reputation for himself if he keeps up like that. beautiful play by uggla. reds and piratings golths full extension. loofk at that. have you ever sign souch great defense in one sports cast. >> no. everyone is doing the mrits. >> anything you can dog, i can do better. now, oregon state won the best part about that story. max gordon. he's a human highlight reel, but he was supposed to leave tickets for his parents at the front gate, and he didn't so his parents had to go find a place to watch max gordon do that on
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television. >> unbelievable. >> i'll give you a giants update if we have one. >> thanks. coming up, batd hair days explained. the problems you use every day that could be the roort of the problem. but jirs a fk at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new repo . limp lofks, present company excluded, we've all had the occasional bad hair day. a new report claims copper residue from water pipes and tanks may be to blame. copper can accumulate in hair making it dull and prone to damage but some hair stylists aren't buying it. >> i think tbt hair, it has a lot more to do with how we sleep on our hair and what we actually put in our hafr product wise o opposed to what's in the pipe. >> several beauty companies are said to be work lg on hair dice and shampoo. bad stoish to do. the thieves find out we have cop pefr in oir hair. they're going to sut it off and sell it. >> copper is pretty viable. >> go to sleep with a shower cap e night and lock on it joo very
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questionable producing there. >> we'll be right back. ,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. . letterman is next with bill
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o'reilly. our next news skas tomorrow morning at 4:30. see you then. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, licensed and reputable master pipe fitter, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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